Friday, November 21, 2008


Sorry It has been so long since posting. Life gets in the way of things sometimes. I bought a new computer awhile back and it is going in for the third time to the repair center, so I keep switching between my old one which was having problems and the new one which keeps having the same problem. Becuase of that among other things I haven't been on the computer much.

I did get my hair cut, but haven't been able to get pics posted. I will as soon as I can. Of course it isn't quite what I wanted. Why is it that even armed with pictures the stylist alaways manages to talk me into something different? It's similar but with some layers that I did not want and should have stuck to my guns about. Now I'm considering going even shorter otherwise I have to wait for the layers to grow out to get the bob I wanted to start with. Oh well!!!

My show I did on the 9th was ok. The show was very well organized and I had fun, but didn't sell much. For some reason I don't do well at shows, but I keep trying.

Well I'm off for now and will try to get back soon with some pics.