Saturday, March 29, 2008

busy week

Well it looks like this week has been all about pincushions. I made up a new design with circles and made it in several colors. I made a spring chick one that also has circles. I guess I've been in a circle frame of mind lately. They are all listed in my etsy shop createitcottage

I went to my local native american festival tonight and won a goldfish by throwing balls into little bowls. We won five so we traded for one large goldfish. We go every year and win some new fish for our tank.

Last night was an adventure. My little chihuahua(ittlebittle) was coming in from outside and right before she came in the door she went after something. I thought it might have been a frog, but then my big dog(Ginger) went out sniffing and I got the flashlight and there was a opossum staring at me from the screen door. It is twice the size of my chihuahua. I thought I scared if off, but when Ginger went outside the opossum came running up and attacked her. I chased it away and it climbed the closest tree and sat there staring at me. Bold! I sprayed it with the hose. Now we have a big utility light out back so we can let the dogs out until we can catch the opossum. I've never had a run in with one before. I figure it must be a mama. I'll never forget that possum staring at me.

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