Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Open circles

I have another pincushion for you. This one is done in copper and pistachio. I love this color combo!! I have appliqued an open circle design all around the sides and put the inside circles all over the top.

Well I did my happy dance tonight because I had a sale. Another of my mod circles pincushion. Yeah!!! Now I have to go and make it.

First I have to rinse my conditioning concoction out of my hair though and probably go get milk. Oh the boring details of real life. Be back tomorrow.


Angie said...

I'm so glad you blogged about you're new orange pincushion. I love it! Are you familiar with the blog How About Orange. She has an extremely large readership. She is always including links to wonderful stuff, with discrimination towards all things orange. I'm going to send her a link. If you're lucky she'll post it and pincushions will start flying out of your shop.

createitcottage said...

Thanks so much! I love orange I'll have to check it out!

VivaVariety said...

These are really fun and kitschy! I love them!

Meg said...

omg - you are soooo talented and creative! what is your inspiration???