Friday, September 5, 2008

Moved another one

I haven't gotten anything new made yet. I'm almost finished with the pincushion I talked about awhile ago. I got another ACEO moved into the new shop this morning. This is one of my favorite ones. I love the black and white pic against the colored background.

I've got something new up my sleeve as soon as I make some space to work on it. Having to craft in several different places all over the house can get messy. I dream of the day I have one room to call my own studio. I can put everything in one place. Anyway back to reality I bought some polymer clay awhile back and I just picked up a convection oven at my local Salvation Army so I'm going to be playing with that soon. I love to work with my felt, but the items can be very time consuming. I'm looking to branch out into something I can get several items done at a time and offer lower prices to appeal to more customers. I can't really price my hand sewn items lower due to the time involved. I'll still be making my felt items as well. I like a little variety.

Well off for now. Hopefully I'll get my space cleared off today to play.

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