Monday, November 23, 2009


Meet Violet. She is the latest addition to my new fabric flower creations. I am having so much fun making these. This one is attached to two ribbons so she can be worn several ways, such as a headband, choker, or even a bracelet.

I've been doing some rearranging of my creative space and boy have I collected a lot of crafty stuff. More than I will probably ever use. Once I get things more organized I'm going to have to do some destashing. I dream of the day I can have a studio and have everything in one room. Right now it's all over the house and garage. AAAHHH someday!!!!


ArtSnark said...

very cute! Hope you have a wonderful weekend

Sheila said...


ArtSnark said...

Hi Sheila. Just wanted to pop by & wish you and yours Happy Holidays & a wonderful New Year!