Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bead blooms

I just checked my emails and found out that my listing is featured on the talentdatabase craft portal page. WOO-HOO! A little brooch I came up with. I found these beads in my stash and I think they are carnelian. I used some of my rick rack as a frame between the layers of felt. I think I'll make some more with different colors and designs. I like how it turned out.
I took my little darling in to get her nails clipped tonight and I thought they were killing her. She does not like her nails done and she's not friendly outside of the family, so they had me leave the room to get her settled. I wasn't too happy with that. Then I heard her screaming and yelping and almost stopped it right then and there. They got it done, but from now on I'll take her to my vet instead. They are more gentle there. This was a local pet store that had grooming service. I think I was more traumatized than her.


sheasy said...

This looks great - I love carnelian. Carnelian is said to help boost self esteem in those who wear it.

createitcottage said...

Thanks. I didn't know that. I love natural stones and am a believer in their abilities.