Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sorry so long...

Wow! I't's been almost a month since I posted. Time flies. Well, still no job. Apparently I'm just one of hundreds if not thousands out there looking. I haven't applied for a job in 12 years, boy have times changed. I'm used to going in and filling out an application and maybe getting to talk to the person. Now most everyone has you fill out your application online and you have to hope it doesn't get lost in cyberspace. I have been busy making some new creations. I'm in the process of switching over to wool felt from acrylic. It's nicer to work with and I think makes a better finished product. I'm hoping that might help with my lack of sales. I get lots of compliments, which I appreciate very much, sometimes I just wish someone would buy it as well. I guess with all going on I've been a little down. I'll get over it. Well here's a couple of my new items a stars and stripes pincushion and my cute little Mr. & Mrs, robot pins. I think they turned out so great! Of course they are all available in my etsy store createitcottage

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